To establish, Medical College; manage and run Educational Institutions i.e. Technical Colleges, B.Ed. Colleges, BPED Colleges, B.Ed. on special Education for MR & MD etc.; Vocational Training Centers, Nursing Training Centers, Primary Teachers Training Institutes; Degree Colleges for arts, Science, Commerce & Computer Science; Business & Hotel Management & other management courses, etc. for the benefit of the common people of the Nation without the motive to earn.

To establish training & placement centers for providing skill development training to promote performing art, creative-productive art, agriculture, animal husbandry, construction, media, health care, travel & tourism etc.

To make arrangement of free education for the underdeveloped students’ in education.

To adopt special projects for rendering legal aids to the people at large of the distressed and weaker sections, mostly the women folk of such sections.

To make arrangement of various social development activities such as road ways, drinking water and lights, and to arrange necessary vaccinations etc.

To render assistance for establishing different types of cottage industries like Kantha Stitch, Dokra, Bamboo based work & Weaving etc, to simplify employment of the unemployed youths.

To make arrangement for conveniences and opportunities of the inhabitants and to face the problems concerning the interests of the locality and to bring about the solutions.

To strive for social development and extension of the education, eradication of illiteracy and to extend fraternity among all and to setup clean tidy and nice environment as well as to extend awareness about health and environment.

To impart education and to give encouragement regarding different cultivations by scientific means to the local farmers in accordance with necessity and opportunity.

To adopt measures for giving experimental knowledge in relation to agriculture and to establish and conduct exhibitions the field of agricultural.

To render assistance for establishing various craftsmanship and cottage industries in order to elevate the women folk to make them self-dependent in the matter of deriving education and earning in accordingly. Specially to promote skill-based performance of minority women on ‘Kantha Stitch’ craft in the rural areas.

To open, fund, establish and contribute in the maintenance of orphanage, widow, orphan houses, poor houses, old age homes, and other institutions for the welfare of widows and/ or deprived persons.

To render medical help, assistance to needy persons and to arrange treatment of such persons by providing allopathic, homoeopathy, ayurvedic, unani or any other treatment.

To make available mobile medical units, ambulances, vehicles for the transportation of patients and dead bodies.

To distribute quilts, blankets, rugs, cotton or woolen cloth and other wearing’s to the poor of the society.