Gobindapur Sephali Samaj Seba Samity a non-Governmental organization having its own registered office at Gobindapur , Keleti , Purba Bardhaman started its activities with a number of qualified persons and some enthusiastic young men and women. The society has the capacity to provide efficient workers to render complete dedication to make the Watershed development project a successful one. Now, it is conducting training programs under different livelihood sectors to develop the socio-economic condition of the people mainly of the SHG members & organizing educational, cultural & social activities effectively.


Gobindapur Sephali Samaj Seba Samity structure is the mechanism that makes the Society run. Through this structure, members formulate policy, develop procedures, and direct Society activities. Decisions made by the Board of Directors are based on the recommendations of committees.



The expenses for tertiary or specialty care are beyond spending capacity of many families. There is a large section in the society who can’t afford such treatment after a certain limit. Selling their livelihood assets (house, farming land, shop, etc) or borrowing money from local moneylenders are the only options left with them. This is achieved by running Low Cost Treatment hospital in the rural area where there is virtually no medical facility available. Also having clinic facility giving help to people in the and rural area


Women empowerment program works towards the betterment and financial capacity building of women from the rural and underprivileged section of the society. These programs focus on making women financially independent and self-reliant. Under this program different skill development training’s are conducted and women are encouraged to apply those skills for their betterment and livelihood. Women Empowerment program actively supports women to market their products by organizing exhibitions.


Through the education portfolio, Gobindapur Sephali Samaj Seba Samity strive to provide ‘Authentic learning for all’ in a comprehensive and holistic manner. The goal is to provide high-quality, authentic, real-world, active learning experiences that mould productive and well-rounded 21st century citizens while also working to ensure equitable access to these learning opportunities. Complementing the aptitudes of students we recommend nothing less than the best in their academic pursuit which in turn places them in lucrative jobs at MNCs. Relieving you of uncertainties and confusion regarding the career options